The Unicorn Pharm

At the end of a hidden ridge, perched majestically over the surreal and rustic Potter Valley to the south, The Unicorn Pharm is nestled below a protective mountain of pines and conifers to the north. The secluded ridge top exposure bathes the plants in full sun from morning to night enriching them with magical energy that allows them to fully express their finest attributes.  It is here that we dust the flowers with the magic pollen of carefully selected male plants and patiently wait for the unicorns to appear.

  • Lions Claw OG Auto Flower (Feminized) Lions Mane OG x Ruderallis (20-25% THC)
  • Koffee Krisp Koffee f7
  • Velvet Lemon Purps Velvet Purps x Velvet Lemon Kush
  • Jedi Koffee Jedi Nights x Koffee
  • Lavender Latte Velvet Purps x Koffee
  • Sour Romulan Sour Diesel x Romulan
  • Panama Red Pure Sativa from Panama
  • Diesel Deluxe Sour Diesel f2 #6 x AS
  • Uber Diesel Sour Diesel #7